Silver Medal for our Monconseil-Gazin 2018

at the Vigneron Independants Awards 2020

Silver Medal for our Monconseil-Gazin 2018
Silver Medal for our Monconseil-Gazin 2018

This competition gathers "experienced amateurs":

The philosophy of the Independent Winegrowers Wine Contest is very original to say the least!

It is about having wines judged by non-professionals. For years, we have formed our jury by recruiting trained women and men who are "enlightened winelovers". They rate wines and award medals according to their taste…
What counts above all is the emotion and the pleasure of the consumer. A decision that gives very good results.


V for .... Vegan


We just received our Vegan certification for our 2016 Monconseil-Gazin!

"It's not always easy to spot a vegan wine." The recent appearance (2016) of labels such as Label V and EVE Vegan, which certify wine as a 100% plant-based product, promises to change the game. we are now part of the French wine producers who adopted it!

Like the vegan diet, which consists of serving food entirely devoid of products containing animal substances, vegan wine has a 100% vegetal composition. But if the first one is rather easy to imagine, one is entitled to question the second one. Indeed, when we know that a wine is made from grapes, which itself comes from the vine, we can think that its composition can only be vegetal.

Well, think again. Because it is not uncommon for vine growers and winemakers to use some products to make a "glue" (as they say in the jargon) to remove particles and yeast residue which remain in the wine. In the wine world, this process is called "clarification".

The products used to make the glue are numerous: egg white, fishbone based glue, or even casein, a particle found in milk. However, all these ingredients have animal origins. However, it is possible to do without it, using a vegetal glue made from plant proteins such as peas, wheat or potatoes. And that's the whole vegan wine approach. "


Thank you Lonely Planet


We received our Lonely Planet recommandation for the new season 2019-2020!

Many thanks to the mystery visitors who enjoyed their visit!


Jean-Michel Baudet elected President of the natinal federation TERRA VITIS

In line with Jean-Michel Baudet's commitment to #sustainable viticulture, we are delighted
to announce that he has just been elected on 1st March 2019, President of the national
Federation Terra Vitis. 🌿
A great honor to continue developing this certification that attracts a steady number of
membership applications as well as the opportunity to carry out major projects.
Count on us to keep you informed!
#vinblaye #terravitis #viticultureEcoresponsable #vinsdebordeaux
crédit photo : Jean-Bernard Nadeau - Agence Fleurie


Michelin Guide 2019 Ceremony

Monconseil-Gazin & Sustainable Gastronomy

Michelin Guide 2019 Ceremony
Michelin Guide 2019 Ceremony

We are delighted to share some photos of the famous launching ceremony of the 2019 Michelin Guide. Congratulations to Christopher Coutanceau of Restaurant Christopher Coutanceau in La Rochelle who won the #SustainableGastronomy award. The wines of Bordeaux - in #SustainableViticulture - of which ours in Terra Vitis, were partners of this award ceremony. A superb opportunity for our wine to be surrounded by so many great chefs and cheffes! 👏  #GuideMichelin #SustainableDevelopment #TerraVitis #environment #sustainablefishing


A wonderful wine-tasting evening

Teh Dar - Vietnam New Circus


Vietnam New Circus Teh Dar - Lune Production took the Bordeaux theatre Le Pin Galant (Officiel) by storm!
A breathtaking show to see absolutely! Simply sublime of originality and elegance, a journey out of the ordinary with exceptional artists!
Thanks to Anne-Sophie from  Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux for her perfect organization of the tasting!


A Best of Wine Tourism

Awarded to our Escape Game

logo BOWT
logo BOWT

It is with great joy that we would like to share the news that our #EscapeGame received a Best of Wine Tourism award in the "Innovation and Discovery" category!

We would like to thank the Best of Wine Tourism #BOWT2019 and the CCI Bordeaux Gironde for this great reward which makes us truly happy and for this splendid evening!


Wine Escape Game at the Château

1st July 2018


Great innovation at Château Monconseil-Gazin! Discover our Wine Escape Game - The Treasure of Charlemagne ...
A fun adventure to share with friends or family in the Blaye area!
For information and booking, visit www.escapegameblaye.com!
We are waiting for you!


Gold Medal at the Concours de Mâcon

for our Monconseil-Gazin 2016

Monconseil-Gazin Gold Medal Macon
Monconseil-Gazin Gold Medal Macon

Our Château Monconseil-Gazin 2016, Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux has been awarded a Gold Medal from The "Concours des Grands Vins de France" in Mâcon.

This famous wine competition, which started in 1954, is by its seriousness and its audience, an essential factor in the promotion of French wines in the world.

It means a lot to us to have been rewarded with a Gold Medal for our Monconseil-Gazin 2016 and we are very happy to share the news!


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