Legend has it that Charlemagne held a council here after a victorious battle in the year 804, and the old French place name Mon Conseil was born. The Château itself was built around 1300 and was an important country seat in the area around Plassac. Since 1894, five generations of Baudets have succeeded each other to produce wine, although the Château was producing wine for many centuries before that, even since Roman times.

Although the first half of the 20th century was difficult, after WWII, the Baudet family carefully built up the estate, encouraged by the patronage of the famous wine entrepreneur Alexis Lichine, owner of Médoc classed growths Châteaux Prieuré-Lichine and Lascombes.

In the 1950s the parcel of Gazin was added, and the Château took the name Monconseil-Gazin. In the 1960s the family acquired the excellent neighbouring terroir of Château Ricaud, and in 1982 the Baudets came full circle when they repurchased Château La Petite Roque, which they had originally had to sell in 1894 in order to buy Château Monconseil.

The estate now extends to a total of 44 hectares and is run by Jean-Michel Baudet, 5th generation winemaker, who took over from his father Michel Baudet in 1989.

Château Monconseil-Gazin Château Monconseil-Gazin
Château Monconseil-Gazin